After experiencing the charm of our PERVINO winery, many visitors inquire about what else to explore in Istria. Drawing from our local perspective and years of hosting guests, we’ve curated a list of must-see attractions to enhance your holiday experience in our beloved region.

Novigrad: Where Tradition Meets Tranquility

A definite highlight to visit before or after your winery excursion is the center of Novigrad. Situated just a short 5-minute drive away (or a pleasant bike ride through forested paths and olive groves), Novigrad retains the quaint allure of a small fishing village amidst its tourist offerings. Within the city center, don’t miss the historic town walls, the Church of St. Pelagius and St. Maximus, the Lapidarium Museum, and the scenic Belveder loggia, perfect for Instagram-worthy shots. For a breathtaking backdrop of Novigrad, head to the sports and recreational zone at Karpinjan, among locals known as “Pineta”. Also worth a visit is the Benedictine monastery in Dajla, with its own Istrian version of the “Gates of Heaven”. And don’t forget to capture the magic of a Novigrad sunset, a sight that promises to leave you spellbound.

Conclude your tour at Mandrač port, a quintessential symbol of Novigrad’s Mediterranean charm and fishing heritage. Here, amidst the ambiance of a hundred-year-old tradition, indulge in another glass of your favorite Pervino wine at our Mandrač wine bar and shop. Late afternoon is an ideal time to savor the experience, as the quiet port gradually transforms with the return of fishermen and the onset of a spectacular sunset.

Beyond Borders: Exploring Istria’s Treasures

For those eager to explore further Istria, we recommend nearby towns, each with its own unique charm. Lose yourself in the medieval streets of Grožnjan, a haven for artists and dreamers alike, or climb to the hilltop town of Motovun for breathtaking vistas of the surrounding countryside. Explore the historic wonders of Poreč, Rovinj, and Pula, where ancient architecture meets vibrant culture at every turn. For a quieter escape, consider discovering the hidden gem of Svetvinčenat.

A Culinary Journey: Savoring Istria’s Bounty

As you explore the region, don’t overlook the exceptional Mediterranean gastronomy. Novigrad’s famous Mediterranean Scallop, grilled to perfection with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt, pairs perfectly with a glass of fresh Malvazija Istarska. Indulge in Istrian prosciutto, truffles, and fuži pasta, but exercise discernment in choosing restaurants. Seek out family-owned restaurants for an authentic culinary experience, as we understand the importance of upholding family reputation.

Embrace the Essence of Istria

Lastly, keep your senses keen as you traverse Istria. The true magic lies in its charming villages and untouched landscapes, where vineyards and olive groves intertwine with nature, promising unforgettable moments throughout your Istrian adventure.

We trust these recommendations will enhance your holiday in Istria, providing a glimpse into the region’s rich tapestry of culture, cuisine, and natural beauty. Start planning your journey today and discover why Istria is more than a destination—it’s a way of life. Enjoy your journey, and may it be filled with unforgettable moments, discoveries, and good wine!