• Malvazija istarska
  • Red cuvee from merlot, teran and cabernet sauvignon

The BASIC line is a line of fresh, light and simple wines, wines that you can drink at any time of the day. These wines have lower alcohol contents, likeable and rounded.


  • Malvazija istarska
  • Muškat žuti
  • Chardonnay
  • Rosé
  • Teran
  • Merlot

The CLASSIC line is a line of aromatic wines of a more elaborate taste, classically good, timeless. The CLASSIC line offers the best fresh wines from our winery that, due to its complexity and fullness with a long aftertaste, perfectly pair with food.


  • Gold 45
  • Red 45
  • Teran barrique

The EXCLUSIVE line is the pearl of our production and it represents premium wines that were aged in wooden barrels, with a refined aroma and taste. The aged malvazija Gold 45 and the aged cuvée Red 45 originate from a vineyard on the 45th parallel north. Wines of the Exclusive line are complex and rich wines with beautiful ripe tannins and a rich aftertaste, suitable for enjoying it when paired with somewhat complex food.


  • Orange
  • Teraneo
  • Bračalet

The SPECIAL line is the latest line that offers special and unique wines. Orange 2020, made from the Istrian Malvasia grape, is a skin-contact white wine. Teraneo is a sweet red wine,a  completely unexpected version of Teran. Bračalet, a semi-dry white wine, is our first white cuvée that combines four different varieties: Malvazija Istarska, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, and Muškat Žuti.

Sparkling wine

  • Poesia white
  • Poesia rosé
  • Pervino sparkling wine

Refreshing Poesia sparkling wines are obtained by the charmat method. Poesia white (Poesia bijela) is a blend of malvazija and chardonnay, light and crisp. Poesia rosé is obtained exclusively from teran, and it is characterised by a balanced freshness and pleasant sweetness.

The sparkling wine Pervino brut natur is the best and the truest reflection of what malvazija can give to the world of sparkling wines. Obtained by the traditional Champagne method (18 months in the bottle, zero dosage), the sparkling wine Pervino has a seductive yellow colour, subtle ripeness, which makes it a delicious addition to every celebration.

We believe that everyone can and will find a wine they will adore among our wines.

Since 2002.

Awarded wines

Our humble beginnings were marked firstly by local awards, while along with the growth of our production, our wines became recognisable both on the national and international level. We are long-time winners of medals on Vinistra, the most important wine fair in Istria.

We are especially proud of awards from the prestigious international competition International Wine Challenge (IWC) held in London. A wine from the EXCLUSIVE line, the aged malvazija Gold 45, won a silver medal on IWC-u, while fresh malvazija won the bronze medal on the same competition.

Other products

Our winery

The family winery is located in the wider area of Novigrad, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Within the winery, there is a tasting and sales area which has been expanded and renovated in a Mediterranean-modern style since 2020. In addition to the winery, Pervino products can be purchased at wine shops located in Rijeka, Kastav, and the center of Novigrad.