Winemaking is part of our family for generations. Our great grandfather realised the importance of vineyards in the distant 1914 and insured them. We proudly keep his insurance policy even today.

However, our serious wine story started in 2002 when Željko, after working in other companies (always related to winemaking), founded Vino P&P. He has always been supported by his wife Nevija, who always made sure that good wine is always accompanied by good logistics. The new generation also gives their contribution to wine: sisters Marina and Željka, both teachers and scientists, each help in their own way.

But the young driving force is Paval who entered the family because of love, and on the way, he fell in love with winemaking so he added a diploma in oenology, along with the one in civil engineering, to his résumé.

Today we all together enjoy developing new ideas, widening our product range and improving the production. Our family story will be continued for generations…how wouldn’t it since winemaking is in our genetic code.

Our philosophy

How it usually is in Istria, behind the brand there is a family story in the core of Vino P&P. Still, as opposed to other wineries, we have decided for a direct approach, so we market our wines mostly in our own premises. By that we wanted to achieve that every customer, except trying our wines, has the opportunity to hear the story behind that wine firsthand.

Our vineyards

In Novigrad, as the heart of our business activity, our 15 hectares of vineyards can be found. We try to pour their story into wine, and we let them tell you the story about soil, climate and tradition in every sip, but also to offer a unique pleasure.

The Istrian terroir is recognisable for four types of soil, which can be found in such a small distance. Novigrad and our vineyards are found on the red soil, which because of its capability to preserve the precious water during dry summer months, is ideal for the growth of vines and olive trees, just a few steps away from the sea which also enriches our wine with its breath.
The recognisable mineral note of our wines is the result of combination of red soil and the vicinity of the sea.

Wine parallel

Our EXCLUSIVE line of wines, the aged malvazija Gold 45 and the aged cuvée Red 45 originate from a vineyard on the 45th parallel north from exactly 45 rows located on a sun-lit hillside next to the sea. This so-called wine parallel passing through Istria makes our area excellent for growing vines. Thanks to it, Novigrad has the honour to enjoy all four seasons. The annual cycle begins with winter pruning of vines that is followed by budding, while summer brings the creation and ripening of grapes with the autumn grape harvest as the peak. Perhaps exactly the number 45 guards the secret of the wines Gold 45 and Red 45 which in the best possible way emphasise this heavenly origin and represent the pearl of production of the brand PERVINO.



Vino P&P - Pervino - Lokacija

Novigrad is a small Istrian fishermen’s town which enchants every visitor with its charm and preserved tradition. The Mediterranean spirit can be felt in every corner of the town and it is a pity to miss the rich gastronomic offer. The people of Novigrad will tell you that pairing good food with good wine is a must, and Pervino makes sure that Novigrad does not fall short of good wine.



Vino P&P

Humble beginnings related to smaller quantities of bottled wine, which still required the first label to be designed. The central point on the first bottles of teran and malvazija is given to the sea and Novigrad - what makes the wines special.


Vino P&P

With bigger quantities of bottled wines of different varieties, a redesign of the identity had to be done. The colours on the label become more subtle, but its unique logo remains. In this period, along with malvazija and teran, the old wine variety Hrvatica was also produced, which today unfortunately is slowly being forgotten.


Vino P&P

The new generation enters the winery, bottles go through a redesign. Restless sea waves take over the entire bottle and the product range is expanded to new varieties and new versions of existing ones. Teran is from now on not only a fresh wine, it also gets its rosé and barrique version.


Pino P&P - Pervino

The brand PERVINO is created, which is also marked with a new logo. In order to fully use the potential of malvazija and teran, the carefully created EXCLUSIVE line of wines comes to life, the aged malvazija Gold 45 and the aged cuvée Red 45.